Generate More Profit with Less Effort

Everything you need to prepare to scale your online course business with ads.

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What's Included:

FB Ads Prep Checklist ($22)

Ad Results & Profit Elevator Calculator ($97)

Funnel Tracking Toolkit ($37)

Mindset Voice Notes ($19)

Setting Expectations for a Realistic FB & IG Ads Journey ($17)


Ad Targeting Playbook ($49)

10 Top Performing Online Course Ad Copy & Visuals - What's Working Right Now ($99)

What People Are Saying:

“What truly sets Elevate Her Marketing apart is their client-centric approach…If you're looking to level up your Facebook advertising game, even if you think you aren’t ready to do so, I absolutely recommend it. The confidence they give you along with their incredible strategies and ideas will take you from curious to confident about using ads.”

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"I've become a big fan recently of the mindset that you don't necessarily have to completely buy in or believe in what your entire potential is. Just buy into a little piece of it because I never, ever, ever in my wildest dreams would have thought that this would be my business now. And we're talking like six months ago, not like five years ago. So it's crazy to me. It's crazy."

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"They know their stuff, they know what works, they're constantly testing out new strategies, adapting to industry trends. They are just really, really on top of the world of Facebook ads...I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Facebook ads is the number one best thing, or best investment that I've made in my business.”

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